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Expertise in International Tax and Accounting

Expertise in International Tax and Accounting
International companies are mostly apt to utilize big accounting firms' related tax office, spending fairly expensive cost, due to a consequence that " Audit proceeding" might be obliged to be done through big accounting firms, possibly instructed by their parent companies.
But we strongly recommend them to pay more attention to the peculiar circumstances in Japan, means that Audit and Tax are not only separated but also prohibited to be treated in the same organization.
Audit might be done through big accounting firms from view point of consolidated accounting, but As for Tax, both we and they are working subject to Japanese Tax Lows, including international tax matters. That's why we would like to emphasize the fact that the difference in quality of work between two is quite little but the difference in cost is quite big, roughly half of any of the big accounting firms.
Once you would try us, you must recognize such fact. You could get the same quality services, but plus more personal contact and more cost-efficiency.

Business Support for International Companies

One Stop Service

We are providing all necessary services for foreign nationals wishing to do business in Japan, such as Company or Branch set-up, Apply for a Visa, Accounting (Including IFRS), Tax Problem, Pay-roll and so on.
Our fee would be absolutely competitive if only you compare them with other big accounting firms.
So you could surely get good quality services with more reasonable cost, roughly half of any of the big accounting firms.
As the proverb "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" says, it is important to have an expert who will give you pertinent advises about the situation in Japan.
If you want to succeed in business in Japan, Just come to us!

Member Introduction

Member Introduction

MASARU  TAKANO  Senior Partner

Graduated from Tokyo University, Having professional knowledge and rich experience in Banking Business, 10 year residence in London, Houston and Brussels.
US Enrolled Agent, IFRS Certificate, Application Agent for Immigration Bureau.
Expert in Finance, Trade Business, International Accounting and Taxation, Visa Problem, Company Registration.


Graduated from Toyo University in 1995, Having engaged in Accounting and Tax related Works, Obtained a License of Certified Public Tax Accountant, Specialized in Computing Consulting



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